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In the first season of Longmire, the events after the death of Walt's wife are hinted atDetails are slowly revealed before the season finale, Unfinished Business.


  • The Dark Road: Walt has his back stitched up, with Henry in attendance, and cautions him not to tell Cady about it.
  • Dog Soldier: Walt gets a letter from the Denver Police Department and we see him driving on a rainy night on a highway. Later, he again looks at the envelope and, with an unscarred back, stares at himself in a mirror in a motel bathroom. He then puts his sheriff's badge in a safe and tucks a gun into the back of his jeans. In the present, he burns the letter from Denver.
  • The Worst Kind of Hunter: When cautiously approaching a suspected meth house where the victim's borrowed truck is parked, Walt sees the front door standing agape and flashes back to an incident when he kicked a door in, gun drawn.
  • An Incredibly Beautiful Thing: When Walt asks Henry about his tracking skills, Henry flashes back to when he followed Walt to Denver, Colorado.
  • Dogs, Horses and Indians: Walt is seen leaving the Denver Police Department and fighting in the meth house.