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"Well... if Hector really is a spirit, you tell him hello for me. And let him know that I'm coming for him."
Malachi Strand
Malachi Strand
Former Police Chief of the Cheyenne Reservation Tribal Police; Fired

Former owner of The Red Pony

Security Guard for Four Arrows Casino
Anne (granddaughter)
Durant, [{Wyoming]]
Portrayed by
Graham Greene
Last Appearance
Goodbye is Always Implied

Malachi Strand upon arrest by Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear.

Malachi Strand is a resident of Durant, Wyoming. He is of Cheyenne decent, and was formerly the police chief of the Cheyenne Reservation Tribal Police before being arrested on counts of money laundering.

After being released from prison, he buys The Red Pony out from under Henry Standing Bear and launders money through the books with the Irish Mob

Malachi is banished from the Cheyenne Reservation by Henry Standing Bear and Jacob Nighthorse and is forced to sign The Red Pony back over to it's previous owner. Jacob scars Malachi's face and they drive away.

He kidnaps Henry Standing Bear with the help of his granddaughter, Anne, after disappearing for a while. He tortures and starves Henry on the Crow reservation for days until Marilyn Yarlott, a Crow Medicine woman leads Walt Longmire to where Henry is being held.

He later kidnaps both Henry Standing Bear and Jacob Nighthorse and holds them, attempting to force Jacob to admit that Strand's crimes were his own as a suicide note. However Walt Longmire later saves the two, and Malachi is shot.