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Exterior of Four Arrows Casino and Resort

Four Arrows Casino and Resort is a frequently visited location and the primary hub of Jacob Nighthorse in Longmire (TV series).


Cady Longmire and Jacob Nighthorse in the Four Arrows Casino.

Image from security during the Gabriella Langton case.

Four Arrows provides many jobs for the citizens of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Its construction was opposed by Walt and Martha Longmire before Martha's passing in 2011. It was formerly owned by entrepreneur, Jacob Nighthorse, until its ownership was transferred to Henry Standing Bear when Nighthorse went to jail. Nighthorse insisted the casino was to be taken over by a good man who cared about the Cheyenne people.

Current Employees[]

Henry Standing Bear (owner)

Sam Poteet (construction worker)

Former Employees[]

Malachi Strand (Head of Security)