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Cheyenne Reservation Tribal Police Force

The Cheyenne Reservation Tribal Police is one of the law enforcement agencies in Absaroka County, Wyoming. It is located on the Cheyenne Reservation. It is the primary hub of Mathias. It is stated that the Tribal Police aren't allowed to persecute Felonies.

The Station[]

The Station is a small building located on the Cheyenne Reservation.


Bureau of Indian Affairs patch

The uniform of the Cheyenne Reservation Tribal Police appears to be a navy blue-black long sleeve shirt with a Bureau of Indian Affairs patch on each sleeve, matching with navy blue-black trousers with a singular blue stripe down each pant leg.The badge is centered over the left breast pocket and a silver name tag is centered over the right pocket along with a clip on radio that fastens on the left shoulder. Each officer also has a matching jacket with BIA patches on each sleeve and their badge centered over the left breast pocket. Police Chief Mathias wears the same uniform except with blue jeans, occasionally trading his right BIA patch for a patch of the american flag.

Each officer is equipped with a holster and gun, cuff case and radio.


  • Police Chief Mathias and his 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

    1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor used by Police Chief Mathias
  • GMC Yukon seen driven by other officers

Present Staff[]

Past Staff[]