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The Seal of Cheyenne Nation as seen above the Tribal Committee.

The Cheyenne Reservation Tribal Committee is a group of tribal councilors that decide whether something is fit to bring up to the tribal judge on the Cheyenne Reservation.


During Cady's meeting with the tribal council, it is shown that there are nine members of the Cheyenne Tribal council. They are four members seated on either side of the Governor as follows:

Cheyenne Tribal Committee during Cady Longmire's appeal alongside Catori Long to permit temporary custody of Tate Dawson.

  • Bow String
  • Chiefs
  • Red Thunder
  • Kit Fox

Tate Dawson Case[]

The committee opposes Cady Longmire's appeal

Cady Longmire alongside Catori Long, a teacher at Red Water Elementary, submit an appeal with the help of Jacob Nighthorse. Cady explains to the committee that Tate Dawson, a sixth grade student of Long, needed medical attention that his family would not agree to give him. The Governor asks if the Dawson family knew that they were making an appeal for the temporary custody of Tate to which Cady tells him no. Jacob Nighthorse then asks Cady if she is 100% certain that the child will die. She argues that they couldn't be certain that he would or wouldn't die, that they don't get to decide. Nighthorse then voices his disapproval of taking Tate from his home and speaks about how he and many others were taken from their homes as children by white outsiders who thought they were unsafe. The committee agrees and they oppose the appeal unanimously.